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Dell Curry's Net Worth 2022 (Updated)

Dell Curry's Net Worth 2022 (Updated)

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As of 2022, Wardell Stephen popularly called 'Dell' Curry net worth is an estimate of $8 million is a sport man whose area of sporting is Basketball. .

Dell Curry's Net Worth 2022 (Updated)

Dell Curry which is in full name Wardell Stephen 'Dell' Curry is known to be one of the best most popular professional American Basketball players who has a net worth estimated at around $8million.


It is said to be that Curry has kept a record of being the highest scorer of all times in the history of the Hornets team.
During his school days, he was said to have chosen sports over his education and kick-started it as a career which he began representing his state at various national-level games. He was first signed in for the 1986 NBA draft by Utah Jazz, traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, played for the Charlotte Hornets, and even played for the Milwaukee Bucks for a season.
In his last three years as a player, he played for the Toronto Raptors team.
Soon enough, he went on to become an assistant coach for the Hornets, and then in 2009, he worked as the teams' commentator and then was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. Then in the year 2016, he was given the Bobby Jones Award.


Wardell Stephen Curry is popularly known to be the father of the two renowned basketball players in the NBA i.e., Stephen Curry and Seth Curry.

Dell was raised in Grottoes And played high school basketball at fort Defiance. He was Even named a McDonald's All American in 1982 as he finished as the all - time leading scorer in school history.

Known to be a three point shooter but wasn't rewarded by NCAA Basketball because it was not recognized by the organization but he was later recognized during his times as an NBA Player.
Known for his once the franchise's all - time statistical leaders in points, game played , three point field goals made and attempted. He was issued out so many awards for such remarkable skills .
In 1988, Curry was said to have married his college sweetheart Sonya and was blessed with three children Stephen, Seth and Sydel Curry.

On August 23,2021, Curry and his wife, Sonya announced that they were divorcing after 33 years of marriage.


Dell Curry made most of his income as a Basketball player , a coach, owing a Montessori school and as a commentator for the Hornets. It's been noted that his current Income is around $500,000. As he owns a non-profit organization which serves as a secondary means of income and a Montessori School.

The family of the Curry's to their contribution in the sports world is second to none as they are known as the "FIRST FAMILY" in the National Basketball Association.

Knowing from all awards from Dell himself in becoming a mentor to most upcoming basketballers reading about his entire life history from his childhood to his present age , as he holds career averages of 11.7 points,2.4 rebounds and 1.8 assists. It's a though nutshell to crack as per his Networth keeps increasing yearly and soon enough
He might become a billionaire if he keeps on investing on more businesses.

Through his hardships in being in the game, it really pays to be consistent and having a goal of not giving. And raising up kids into the sports world in volleyball and basketball, that really is allot to catch up with.

His awards And all rates alot and as been the best so far so good with an estimate of his Networth updated to $8million.


Networth $8million
Age 57
BornJuly 25,1964

Living in Nigeria