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Earl Joseph smith is popularly known as J.R Smith who is known as one of the best NBA champions and a professional basketball player with a net worth of $35million through his earnings and achievements in basketball.

Networth :- $35million
Salary :- $14million
Date of birth :- Sept 9, 1985
Gender:- male
profession :-Basketball player
Height :- 6ft 5 in (1.98m)
Nationality :- United States of America
J.R Smith and his younger brother Chris Smith were raised by their parents Earl and Ida Smith . His father was known to be a manson contractor and introduced the job to smith until he was 17. His mother's profession was not actually known or stated but his brother Chris is recognized as a basketball player for the Knicks team. 
 The 36 year old had a baby mama named Jewel Harris who sometimes goes by the name "Shirley" . They had raised up three beautiful daughters named Demi,Peyton and Dakota Smith but when Jewel was pregnant with a fourth child the lovers got married on August 2016 which was a coup planned by their daughter(Demi) and Smith himself , where she helped her dad proposed to to Jewel on an Instagram video saying"mommy would you marry us?".
 Few years later it was reported that their daughter Dakota was born prematurely and weighed 1 pounds which seemed very grieving for both parents . According to smith , being a dad was a tough one , trying to raise a family and still play basketball was a heavy duty but he still found and created time for his family but his main aim was to be a responsible father and husband to his family and had a mindset that "what if his NBA career was over what would he live for his kids?" So he was said to have sold and established into some business for the sake of his kids future.
J.R Smith was born September 9,1985 in FreeHold Borough, New Jersey.
 His interest in basketball started from a very young age during his high school days and took it up as a professional the moment he was drafted out from high school by the Orleans Hornet where he played with them at the NBA Draft in 2004. He spent two years playing for the Hornets team and earned himself a title of the "Western conference rookie of the month" honors three times. 
 He was popularly known among his teammates as the 11th three point shooter and setting a successful record for the team.
  He then played for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls in Asia for a year in 2011 and was then signed a 3million dollar deal but the 36 year old sued the Chinese league contract in June 2011 for failing to pay 1 million dollars in salary. The team then reportedly stating that his salary was withheld for missing practices and faking an ankle injury.
   Smith returned to the NBA play for the New York Knicks ahead of the 2012 season, then in 2013, he was publicly announced as the NBA sixth man of the year. He joined the Cleveland cavaliers in 2014 , then was signed a four year $57million deal with the team (cavaliers) ahead of the 2016 season and the entire estimation was averaged to around $14 million per year in salary and he bought the team the glory of winning the NBA championship that year.
When he played for the New Orleans pelican in 2004-2005 his was earning an amount of $1,206,600 and it then increased to $1,297,080 in 2005-2006 when he played for the Oklahoma City Hornets.
   In 2006- 2011, he was being payed from $1,297,080 to $20,772,905 when he played for the Denver Nuggets. And it kept on increasing year by year till he then played for the New York Knicks and earned $2,382,553 -$ 2,806,452 in 2012.
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